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Values Training- Half Day Version

Guides, powerpoints & Activity Sheets from "The Good Things in Life" Training program. This provides a half day delivery option. Guide and Powerpoints slightly different to the Full day version.


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Facilitators Guide
Half Day version facilitators guide

Activity 1
Defend Social Roles

Activity 2
Maintain Social Roles

Activity 3
Acquire Social Roles

Activity 4
Revalorising Roles

Activity 5
Image and Competency Management

Activity 6
Role Management

Activity 7
Action at Different Levels

Activity 8

Activity 9
Social Imagery

Activity 10

Activity 11
Competency and the Developmental Model

Activity 12
Effectiveness of Services and other Interventions

Activity 13
Relationships between People

Activity 14
Importance of Modelling for Learning

Activity 15
Integration and Participation

Activity 16
Positive Compensation

Powerpoint Presentation
Half day version powerpoints

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