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Social Participation Manual

This manual was developed by the NDS WA Social Participation Subcommittee (SPS) to meet the needs of services in Western Australia.


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Alternative & Complementary Therapies

Abusive Language

Care and Protection

Challenging Behaviours-Consumers

Children in the Workplace

Code of Conduct - Staff & Volunteers

Complaints and Grievances

Computer System Use-Staff

Consumer Participation

Consumer Visits to Employee Homes

Decision Making and Choice

DSC-Annual Consumer & Service Data Collection

Duty of Care

Dysphagia Management


Employee - Outside employment while working for the Organisation

Equal Employment Opportunities-EEO

Handling & Management

Human Relations and Sexuality

Illness of Staff or Consumers

Individual Needs of Consumers


Infection Control

IT Network for Users other than Staff


Mandatory Reporting DSC

Mobile Phone Policy

Money Handling - Consumer Money

Motor Vehicles - Personal Use

Occupational Safety and Health

Operation of Vehicle Hoists and Wheelchair Restraints

Performance Management & Appraisal


Poor Performance and Unacceptable Behaviour by Staff

Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality


Recruitment, Employment and Employment Contracts

Referrals and Exit Criteria


Salary Sacrificing for Staff

Smoking in the Workplace

Staff Grievance

Training and Development

Valued Status

Volunteer Services

Workplace Bullying

National Disability Services - WA