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Policy and Procedures Resource Manual

This Policy and Procedures Resource Manual is intended primarily as a resource to assist agencies funded by the Disability Services Commission to align their policies and procedures with the Disability Services Standards. However, policies can only be effective if they are 'owned' by the organisation. This manual should not be used as a policy 'gap filler' for the organisation. Policies need to be coherent with the organisation's mission, values and objectives.


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1. Introduction

2. Service Access

3. Individual needs

4. Decision Making and Choice

5. Privacy Dignity and Confidentiality

6. Participation and Integration

7. Valued Status

8. Complaints and Disputes

9. Management Committee Members Code of Conduct

10. Expenditure Delegations

11. Insurance and Indemnity Arrangements

12. Equal Employment Opportunity

13. Employee Recruitment and Selection

14. Police Clearances for Employees and Volunteers

15. Employee Training and Development

16. Employee Supervision and Appraisal

17. Managing Sub-Standard Employee Performance

18. Occupational Health and Safety

19. Employee Grievances

20. Use of Volunteers

21. Employee and Volunteer Code of Conduct

22. Manual Handling Procedures

23. Managing Challenging Behaviours

24. Maintaining a Safe Living Environment

25. Private Use of Agency Motor Vehicles

26. Agency Use of Private Motor Vehicles

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