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IDEASWA aims to provide a rich array of information and resources to benefit disability services in Western Australia.

Quality and Safeguarding


National Disability Services WA was funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services in Western Australia to develop this National Standards for Disability Services toolkit with the in kind cooperation with a number of organisations that attended workshops offered through a Quality and Safeguarding Development Program 2016-2017. 

National Disability Services WA would like to thank Mosaic for access and permission to use elements of its Policy and Procedure Manual in this toolkit. The toolkit was developed in collaboration between NDS WA and a consultant from Strategic Support.  Many of the tools were tested with organisations, key stakeholders and reviewed by consultants from E-QUAL and Mr. Norman de Wet as an independent consumer consultant. Information was also drawn from legislation, government policy and other NDS training materials including the Zero Tolerance framework.

This toolkit is intended to support organisations to improve quality and safeguards during the transition to National Disability Insurance Scheme (2017 -2020) and aligns with the core elements of the emerging national quality system and the National Standards for Disability Services. The toolkit is designed to provide examples about how to apply the standards through a range of samples of policies, procedures and practice support tools for you to adapt to suit your organisation and services. They are intended to assist organisations take action to improve their practices and as a result, support better outcomes for people with disability, families and carers. 

How to use this toolkit

Step 1: Review the toolkit and identify what you need.

Step 2: Adapt and change the content to reflect the culture and reality of your organisation. Consult with people with disability, families, carers, support workers and other stakeholders on the content to ensure is relevant to your organisation.

Step 3: Incorporate their recommendations and seek approval to adopt the relevant policy, process or practice.

Please note: The toolkit provides samples only and organisations need to ensure executive and board approval for any policies and procedures and seek independent legal advice where required.

Tools and Resources

Please find the links to the applicable tools and resources below:

To view the complete list of tools and resources click here

Standard 1 - Rights

Standard 4 - Feedback and Complaints

Standard 6 - Service Management

Other Tools

For further information on the toolkit, please contact Carmen Pratts-Hincks, Project Lead Quality and Safeguarding at NDS WA on 08 9208 9856 or

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