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IDEASWA aims to provide a rich array of information and resources to benefit disability services in Western Australia.


Challenging Behaviour Tip Sheets

A range of useful tips to prevent and manage challenging behaviour.


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Positive behaviour support
What does it mean?

Positive behaviour support
A simple model

What are challenging behaviours
An opportunity to learn better skills

Behaviour support plan
A way for all people involved with a person to be consistent

Jim's BSP
An example of a behaviour support plan

Triple A tactics
Establishing a good relationship

How to help someone cooperate
Some ideas that have worked

Gaining cooperation 2
An example

Let's get engaged
How to keep people busy and interested

Assisting people to achieve success

Why they are important

How to write them

Reactive strategies
Re directing

Crisis Management
Time to protect, not negotiate

Things you should never do
Things you should never do

Taking care of yourself
Managing stress

Serious incidents
What to do when involved in a serious incident

What is Autism?
Some basic information

Autism; the triad of impairments
Some of the effects of autism

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