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Positive Response Behaviour Techniques

Contact Details

Mr. Jamie Smith
0420 667 476

Overview of Training Services

I have 30 years� experience in the disability field in varying roles from direct care staff, to Accommodation Manager of a Disability Sector Organisation for 350 people across WA, with a budget in excess of 20 million dollars.

During this time recognition for the need of better ongoing support for people with disabilities, their families and staff, not only in the metropolitan but remote regional areas became very evident. I am committed about providing support for people with disabilities that display behaviour�s that people find hard to deal with in Australia.

I have been involved in training staff for 10 years. My training focus is on �Positive Response Behaviour Techniques� training and development of skills and knowledge for staff and families.

Packages and Programs Delivered

Positive Response BehaviourTechniques

Is a one day course, working with staff and families to help them gain skills and knowledge to work and deal with people when they display behaviours of concern.

People attending this course will learn about:

  • Professionalism of staff in following daily lifestyle routines
  • Development of a behaviour support plan
  • Provide support to people using positive and adaptive responses
  • Behavioural change indicators
  • Effective communication
  • Completing and keeping up to date documentation
  • Passive self-defence
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