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IDEASWA aims to provide a rich array of information and resources to benefit disability services in Western Australia.


NDS WA State Conference 2012 Day One

Helen Sanderson Creating Person Centred Organisations.

Dougie Herd How do we shape the future?

Helen Sanderson Making it Personal for Everyone

Robyn Massey Implementation of the My Way Project

Erica Gallagher Employer of Choice-Whose perspective?

Mike Field The Care Careers Journey.

Jessica Rigden & Kelly Moore Customising new tablet technology to meet users unique needs.

Kim Rollason-Nokes & Darren Lomman Dreamcatcher: using the online world to connect the disability community with assistive technology.

Implementing a human rights based approach relevant document from ther Ethics Human rights and Disability panel

Human rights and disability resources relevant document from the Ethics Human rights and Disability panel





NDS WA State Conference Day Two

Liz Forsyth The changing nature of skills and workforce development: implications for care work.

Katie Ellis User generated content and accessibility.

Kwame Selormey & Wendy Rose My Service Through My Culture.

Liz Forsyth Workforce Development- Learning from innovative solutions.

Emily Scarff & NIck Maisey eFriends Project: Using technology to fight social isolation.

Linda Chui, Megan Hatfield Sara Chong & Jessica Maccora A First Pilot Project for Therapists on Self Directed Services Strategies.

Gudrun Benjamin Transition to Retirement Project: An Overview.

Chris Whitelock Riding the Crest of the Wave: Information access for West Australians with Pront Disabilities.

Eleanor Yates Actively Listening: Empowering and equipping service users to have a stronger voice in the organisation.

Rosemary Cant Aboriginal Engagement and Employment Project: An overview.

Stephanie Berghofer & Jessica Rigden Who you gonna call? Telecommunications for Independence and Safety.

Links to short films and Film of the Conference.





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