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IDEASWA aims to provide a rich array of information and resources to benefit disability services in Western Australia.


DSC Learning and Development Team

Contact Details

Manager Learning & Development
Phone: 9486 2926
Email: l&

Overview of Training Services

Co-ordinate and deliver flexible training, and where relevant assessment, to develop and enhance the skills of staff supporting people with disabilities, including:�

  • Induction training
  • Refresher training
  • Service improvement
  • Nationally recognised qualifications in Disability Work�

Available to internal and external disability direct care staff, including volunteers� Competency based training focused on skills, knowledge and attitudes required for support and training of people with disabilities in accommodation and community settings�

Packages and Programs Delivered

Packages/programs delivered on a cost recovery basis with places subject to availability:

Monthly (excluding December) - values, ethics and duty of care; manutention; mealtime management; behaviour support including passive self defence; OHS management including risk/hazard management; fire safety; personal care; epilepsy; infection control, safe food handling; nutrition; grief and loss.

Bi-monthly - conflict management/resolution, functional communication.

Quarterly - certificate III in disability work.

Annually - certificate IV in disability work.

When required delivery at external organisation by negotiation.

National Disability Services - WA