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Another Angle Consulting and Training

Contact Details

Ms Kerry Allan Zinner
Principal Consultant
Qualified Certificate IV in Training & Assessment 40104
Address: PO Box 2106
High Wycombe 6057
Phone: 08 9352 8712
Fax: 08 9454 3125

Overview of Training Services

Another Angle Consulting & Training is a Disability Awareness and Communications Consultancy offering a range of services. Formal contracts include Independent Standards Monitoring for the Disability Services Commission of WA, Casual Lecturer for Curtin and Notre Dame Universities and Trainer for Recreation and Sport Network Inc.

Another Angle�s Principal, Kerry Allan-Zinner frequently holds positions on interview panels and acts as an informant on various working parties within the disability industry, women�s interest groups and the private sector.

Kerry is a high profile advocate for people with disabilities in WA.
Kerry�s passion for creating accepting communities is not surpassed by her passion to motivate and inspire people with disabilities to embrace their extraordinary lives, rather than spending a life time striving to be ordinary.

This theory offers many opportunities as key note speaker or guest speaker and trainer in and around Perth and regional Western Australia. A multi dimensional view of disability, its challenges and barriers stems from being born and succeeding with Cerebral Palsy, justifying self worth to education, employment, supports and legal systems.

Each area of work that Another Angle undertakes offers opportunities to pursue the rights, protection and dignity of all people with disabilities. Through her consultancy Kerry offers support to women on issues that are gender related.

Kerry is a former Chairperson of the Centre for Cerebral Palsy in Western Australia, is Chairperson of Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability in WA, and presiding person on the Kalamunda Access and Inclusion Committee. In 2003 Kerry was awarded a Prime Ministers Centenary Medal, �For service to the community through the Cerebral Palsy Association of WA�, as well as being announced winner of the Individual Category in the �Accessible Communities Awards�.

Kerry challenges many traditional opinions and social values that communities have with regard to people with disabilities and prove the notion that people can be �Successfully Disabled�, and moreover that being respected and acknowledged as a �Woman, Man or Child� is far more important and gracious than being known by a clinical definition.

Kerry�s vision is for a community that understands that, �People with disabilities aren�t different. Life for people with disabilities is different.�

Packages and Programs Delivered

Training has been provided to broad sections of the community including State Government agencies, Local Governments, community and disability groups. I specialise in providing and facilitating specific presentations to meet individual organisational requirements. My aim is always to educate and enlighten the community and challenge the way our communities perceive a disabled life. I offer the notion and the knowledge to be successfully disabled.

Presentations/Programs include:

  • Disability Etiquette;
  • Focus on Mobility and Communication;
  • Disability Awareness Training;
  • Promoting Adults and Parents with Disabilities as well as Children with disabilities;
  • Focus on physical Access; and
  • Recreation for People with Disabilities.
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